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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/19/12 ‘Geithner Message Correction’

Information has been provided to our channel Greg on two dates, 7/14/12 and 7/16/12, by sources that cannot be trusted. These sources are ‘employees’ of the Galactic Federation of Light and who cannot be trusted as they are not bona fide members of the Galactic Federation of Light and therefore do not possess the right to share information with Greg and through Greg to the public at large. What transpired is an obscenity to use our channel in this manner. This has caused much confusion, debate and distrust and we see this as appalling, and we are doing what it is we can do to make amends of this negative situation. What occurred is an offence beyond measure and what occurred will never be permitted to occur again as long as Greg is working as a channel for us. We apologize to Greg and hope that he remains a loyal and faithful channel for us and part of our team, the Galactic Federation of Light.
For a clearer explanation of what transpired we can tell you that what happened was individuals who do not possess the right to write messages out and read them to our channels to share with others got a hold of the methods or technologies that we utilize to send Greg our messages. They sent these messages without our consent, without our permission, without our knowledge. We have rounded up these individuals and have incarcerated them for now until we decide how we wish to deal with these individuals who violated rules and laws that govern certain aspects of our alliance. What consequences they will experience and what justice will be dispensed we at this time do not know, as we are in the early stages of this ongoing investigation. We apologize again to Greg and say that this will never happen again to him.

We would like to continue to send messages through Greg and we ask those that read his messages and follow his messages to continue to trust and have faith in the guidance that is sent through him, as this incident was the only incident in the long line of messages that have been shared through Greg. All of the other messages besides the one about Timothy Geithner and the message describing gunfire during one of the arrests can be trusted and followed as guidance from us, higher dimensional beings from the Galactic Federation of Light. The message about Timothy Geithner being arrested and sentenced to a karmic debt and then released back in to your community on Earth is not accurate and is not what happened. What happened is Timothy Geithner was apprehended and released because Timothy Geithner revealed secrets and testimony that will help us in our investigation and further arrests.

These kinds of deals will be made from time to time with those in positions that can be beneficial to us and our mission to assist you purify your world of these beings who have to go as they will not learn to live amongst you amicably, fairly, judicially, law-abidingly, nonviolently, nonthreatening, and constitutionally. They only know illegality, deception, countermeasure and attack. They do not ever wish to be an equitable partner with you, the people of Earth. They wish instead to treat you like cattle and they only wish to be the herdsman. They must go, and this is why these arrests will continue.

The report that was issued two days ago discussing gunfire throughout certain areas where these arrests have been taking place is erroneous as well. That report came on the heels of the report about Timothy Geithner, and both of those reports are inaccurate. We cannot say at this time how these individuals got a hold of our technologies to initiate this deception, but we will say that it will never happen again and that you may from this day forward and from the day before the message referring to Timothy Geithner trust in the messages shared through Greg, as he has been doing a very good job for us and has been relating very accurate information, and this includes the information that we have shared that there will be rising sea levels in your future that will necessitate, in some areas at least, relocations of your populations who do not wish to deal with floodwaters throughout their neighborhoods and even some cities. This is all we will say for now about this matter, and once again we apologize to Greg and say to him that he can have faith in the messages and the mechanisms used to send him these messages from this moment forward. We apologize for this occurrence and say that this will not happen again.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light, and we will pick up tomorrow and begin once again sharing our messages to you.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for visiting Ascension Earth over the past few years and making this site, what I consider, such a wonderful and very surprising success since my first post way back in January of 2011. I never dreamed this site would receive just shy of 10 million page views since then, and I want to thank you all again for stopping in from time to time for a visit. I hope you have found some of the content interesting as well as educational, and I want everyone to know that I only shared content I believed to be factual at the time of publication, though I may have reached differing understandingsconcerning some of the subject matter as time has past. All of the content that has been shared here at Ascension Earth was shared with the goal of provoking contemplation and conversation, leading to a raising of consciousness, an ascension of consciousness. That's what ascension is to me.

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Conversation with
A Man Who Went to Mars
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…And there you have it! This was the end of our discussion about the Mars mission, but I have remained in touch with Chad. At this point, I hope to be able to convince him to do a video or TV interview, but of course, there will be more than a few obstacles to overcome, the main one being that he may currently be in some danger if he goes public.

Furthermore, there is always the barrier of peoples' understandable skepticism.

As I said in the beginning, I cannot verify this story for anyone, nor is my intent to convince anyone of its veracity. My goal is only to help him get his story heard, because if this story IS true, the people of this planet are being lied to on a grand scale, and perhaps this will eventually help the UFO Disclosure Movement. It's time for the lies to be uncovered, and time for the truth -- whatever that may be -- to be known once and for all.

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