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Ascension Earth 2012 -- December 13, 2014

  • How many universes are there?
  • Why can't we see evidence of alien life? ~ Chris Anderson
  • Animal Liberation and Moral Progress: The Struggle for Human Evolution
  • The Future of Money: Todd Hirsch at TEDxEdmonton
  • The person you really need to marry ~ Tracy McMillan
  • Sasquatch & Souls From Other Dimensions on Coast To Coast Radio
  • Need Storage Space? Clutter the Moon With Your Old Junk
  • Struggling To Find the Perfect Gift?
  • Did European scientists find dark-matter signal buried in X-rays?
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Excerpt from


The Moon could be the next great dumping ground of the human race, an extraterrestrial garbage dump for castoff remains of unwanted pen sets, ugly sweaters, and dolls.

Since the start of the space age, the Moon has become a dumping ground for remains of spacecraft, television cameras, shovels, boots and human waste.

Astrobotic is a company now offering the chance for ordinary people to send goods to our natural satellite. Their landing systems are designed to bring cargo down to within 400 feet of the intended landing spot. Many other landers can miss the target by dozens of miles.

The MoonMail service from Astrobotic allows customers to send anything they wish to the Moon. The service is advertised as providing a chance for people to send keepsakes to the Moon, where they will be preserved, theoretically, for many years.
However, this program concerns some observers, who believe the program could lead to ordinary people, as well as corporations, sending garbage to the Moon.

Costumers wishing to send items to the Moon may do so through the company for as little as $460 for an item that can fit inside a small hexagonal container. Items about the size of a quarter cost around $1,600, and people with a million dollars to spend can send up to two pounds of cargo to our natural satellite.

Astrobotic prohibits customers from sending perishable items, liquids, or weapons to the Moon. Space travel of any sort is full of uncertainty, and the company notes that flights may be canceled or postponed when necessary.

Although there is no water or air on the Moon to create erosion like that seen on Earth, the lunar surface is a harsh environment. Without an atmosphere, there is no protection from radiation, and charged particles racing through space. Micrometeorites also constantly bombard the lunar surface, and severe thermal changes can take a heavy toll on items. Items sitting on the lunar surface can blacken and start to decay in just a couple years.

Posted: 12 Dec 2014 08:34 PM PST

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Posted: 12 Dec 2014 08:28 PM PST

Dark matter findings XMM-Newton

This illustration shows the ESA's XMM-Newton space telescope. Using X-ray data collected by the telescope, scientists say they may have identified a dark-matter signal. (D. Ducros / European Space Agency)

Excerpt from

Scientists say they may have discovered a possible dark matter signal coded in the X-rays emanating from two bright objects in the sky.

The findings, set to be published next week in Physical Review Letters, could offer tangible evidence for the existence of dark matter -- and help researchers build new tools to search for and study this mysterious stuff.

When it comes to matter in the universe, dark matter is like a backroom political power broker: You never see it, but behind the scenes, it’s been throwing its weight around. The effects of its gravitational influence can be seen in the large-scale structures of the cosmos. Dark matter makes up about 84.5% of the matter in the universe while all the stuff we actually see -- stars, galaxies, planets, ourselves -- makes up the remaining 15.5%.* The enormous galaxies and clusters of galaxies that populate the universe are bantamweights compared to the massive, unseen dark matter ‘halos’ that anchor them.

Dark matter’s formidable gravitational influence is the only way that the strange stuff can be detected, because it’s invisible -- it does not interact with light. Physicists have no idea what it’s made of, although they’ve looked for it by building detectors in underground former gold mines, sending satellites into space and other methods.

But now, a team led by researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland say they’ve discovered a signal that could be a sign of dark matter.

The scientists looked at X-ray emissions coming from the Andromeda galaxy and the Perseus galaxy cluster, collected by the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton space telescope. After accounting for all the light particles (called photons) emanating from known sources in the Andromeda galaxy, they were left with a strange set of photons that had no known source. The found the same light signature emanating from the Perseus cluster. And when they turned their attention to the Milky Way, they found signs of this signal in our home galaxy, as well.

“It is consistent with the behavior of a line originating from the decay of dark matter particles,” the authors wrote in a pre-print of the study.

This weird light signal, they think, could be coming from the destruction of a hypothetical particle called a sterile neutrino (which, if it exists, might help explain dark matter). But it's going to take a lot of follow-up study to determine whether this signal is a scientific breakthrough or an anomalous blip. 

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