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Ascension Earth 2012 -- December 26, 2014

Ascension Earth 2012

  • Overcoming the Holiday Blues ~ A Your News Now Report
  • Is the universe a thought within a mind? Video
  • Faith in Humanity Restored ~ December 2014 Edition
  • Angels in Our Lives on Coast To Coast Radio with George Noory
  • Are Bees a 6th Dimensional Species?
  • Imagining the Seventh Dimension
  • Climate Change is Preventing A New Ice Age, says White House Science Advisor
  • NASA partnering with four companies to develop a new commercial space program
  • What is a gene & what does it do?
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Climate change, particularly global warming, might be a good thing, according to President Obama’s science czar Dr. John Holdren.

In a recent online question and answer session from the White House, Holdren suggested that man-made global warming is preventing a new ice age. Holdren’s official government title is Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and he holds degrees from MIT and Stanford. He has taught at Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley.

While the climate of the earth has changed over the millennia as a result of natural factors — principally changes in the tilt and orientation of the earth’s axis and rotation, and in the shape of its orbit around the sun — those changes occur far too gradually to have noticeable effects over a period of mere decades. In their current phases, moreover, they would be gradually cooling the earth — taking us to another ice age..."
Posted: 25 Dec 2014 03:14 PM PST


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NASA will collaborate with four U.S. based companies to develop a new commercial space program.

NASA will collude with Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), Final Frontier Design, United Launch Alliance and the ATK Space Systems. NASA named this initiative as the Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities (CCSC).

Phil McAlister, NASA’s commercial spaceflight development head, said “Companies in all shapes and sizes are investing their own capital toward innovative commercial space capabilities. This collaboration demonstrates the diversity and maturity of the commercial space industry. We look forward to working with these partners to advance space capabilities and make them available to NASA and other customers in the coming years,”

The program includes the development of new vehicles that shall aid space exploration and flourish intra-vehicular activity space suits. 
Posted: 25 Dec 2014 03:04 PM PST

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Posted: 25 Dec 2014 02:54 PM PST

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Conversation with
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…And there you have it! This was the end of our discussion about the Mars mission, but I have remained in touch with Chad. At this point, I hope to be able to convince him to do a video or TV interview, but of course, there will be more than a few obstacles to overcome, the main one being that he may currently be in some danger if he goes public.

Furthermore, there is always the barrier of peoples' understandable skepticism.

As I said in the beginning, I cannot verify this story for anyone, nor is my intent to convince anyone of its veracity. My goal is only to help him get his story heard, because if this story IS true, the people of this planet are being lied to on a grand scale, and perhaps this will eventually help the UFO Disclosure Movement. It's time for the lies to be uncovered, and time for the truth -- whatever that may be -- to be known once and for all.

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