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Ascension Earth 2012 -- 30:04:2015

Ascension Earth 2012

  • Lifelong Vegan
  • The 'Why the F*** Are We So Fat?!' 30 Day Experiment' Day 9 ~ Failure
  • Dubai : 10 Super Ambitious Projects
  • Hubble Telescope & Space Exploration on Coast To Coast Radio with George Noory
  • The Secret To A Meaningful Life In Just 7 'Magic' Words
  • Air Force to Test Futuristic 'Hall Thruster' on X-37B Space Plane
  • NASA application grants general public the opportunity to explore the surface of Vesta
  • Astrophysicists create most complete 3-D map of the universe
  • Local Lick Observatory Astronomers Discover ‘Supersized Earths’ Surrounding Relatively Nearby Star
  • Source of Antarctica's Eerie 'Bleeding Glacier' Found
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Excerpt from

Sometimes, it's the most fantastical, fictional characters that do the best job of teaching us about reality.

New York Times bestselling author T.A. Barron spent decades creating the magical image of Merlin the wizard and sharing his wisdom with children and young adults through the beloved 12-book Merlin Saga series. Now, he's bringing back his recognized (and revered) character to answer a question anyone experiencing a dramatic change in his or her life wants, on some level, to ask.

"I have written so many books about Merlin that sometimes, I feel like I've actually met the great wizard -- and who knows, maybe I have," said Barron in one of his YouTube videos. "If I met Merlin in his crystal cave, I'd ask him just one question: What is the meaning of life? And if there is any meaning, how can I find it?"

This thought exercise inspired a celebrated speech at Oxford University in 2013, which in turn inspired a new book, The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life. Inside, Barron uses Merlin's voice to explain how each person can find and travel along his or her own unique path in life. He reveals how magic surrounds and lives within each and every person -- we just have to be willing to search for it.

Based on excerpts from Barron's book, here are seven moving words that hold the key to a meaningful life -- plus one more that empowers them all.


To be wholly alive is to be grateful -- for every breath we take, every song we sing, every person we love, every day we discover. Just being grateful helps us to notice and appreciate all the blessings and opportunities around us.

Each day, take a moment to just be. To love a person, a place, or an idea that has touched your heart. Cherish those blessings through all the seasons of a year -- and all the seasons of your life.Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)


You see, life can have great meaning -- but only if we discover that meaning for ourselves. Meaning can't be bought at any store. And it can't be handed down like a coat that someone tells you will fit perfectly before you've even tried it on. Meaning must be sought and earned and made one's own. All of which requires courage.
Be bold with your life! Live vigorously and gently, mindfully and sensuously. Explore whatever calls to you. Love fully and freely. Run as fast as you can; walk as slow as you can.

Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)

international travel books

Knowledge, surprising as it sounds, begins with the unknown. With accepting how little you know. A few drops of humility, I've learned, can save me from an ocean of arrogance! Then, with a touch of curiosity... a person can learn and grow endlessly.
There are two universes to explore -- one inside yourself and one outside. And here's the best part: How far you travel in each, and what you discover, is entirely up to you.

Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)


Follow your faith, as a river flows to the sea -- and you will find yourself lapped by the gentle waves of the spiritual ocean that surrounds us all. To swim in that sea is to join with a greater power, a deeper awareness, a higher truth. And also... a quiet, enduring joy.
Just remember: For your belief to be right, the beliefs of others need not be wrong! If you are truly secure in your own faith, truly touched by its wisdom and strength -- then you don't need to convert anyone else.

Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)


Wonder is the elemental wisdom of a child, a wisdom that is wide open to awe. For children see the world afresh, in all its beauty and strangeness, mystery and delight.

To wonder is to open the doorway to imagination. And that leads to other doorways -- appreciation, creativity, and fulfillment.

At the core of wonder is openness -- being present, with all your senses alive. If you set out on a mission seeking wonder, you won't find it. Instead, take off your shoes, walk barefoot in the world... and allow it to happen.

Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)


Generosity is not giving others what they want. Rather, it's giving away what you yourself want. Sharing requires empathy. So the physical act of making a gift is only part of what happens. It's the visible result of an earlier, invisible gift from the heart.

Plant some generous seeds in the soil of your life. Yes -- seeds that could grow into trees you may never see, in whose shade will gather people and creatures you may never meet. They will find joy and safety and solace under those boughs... and they will thank the person who made it possible.

Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)

showring gratitude

Hope requires courage. Especially in our troubled world, with so much darkened by the shadow of despair, hope can seem elusive. Or even impossible. Yet hope can return, on silent wings, when most needed.

Cynicism is the enemy of hope, always doubting that improvement (or even virtue) is possible. But fresh thinking is the ally of hope, reminding us of ways we can do better.

Blow on the embers of hope in yourself. Strengthen them into flames, For those are the fires where new worlds are born.Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)


Love is an invitation, not a command. But if you truly open yourself to its power, you will be swept away as if you had plunged into a mighty river. Where that river may carry you, no one can predict.

The paradox of love is that it beckons us to go deep within ourselves to find a soul-level understanding of another person. But once that understanding is found -- we are bonded with that person so that we expand far beyond ourselves. We are, at once, deeper within and further without.

Excerpted from The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron (Philomel Books)

For the complete collection of life wisdom from Merlin and his creator, check out The Wisdom of Merlin by T.A. Barron.
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Vandenberg Air Force Base
The X-37B before its first trip to space.

Excerpt from

After years of silence on all but the most prosaic aspects of the secretive X-37B space plane program, the Defense Department has revealed that the mysterious, truck-sized craft's next mission will host an experimental new thrust system that could greatly improve the shelf life of satellites. 

The X-37B program has sent its shuttle-like Orbital Test Vehicle craft into space three times for a total time in orbit of almost four years. What the spacecraft has been doing up there is anybody's guess — its creators have declined to comment except to say that everything is working properly. But a news release this week from the Air Force says in no uncertain terms that the next flight of the X-37B, set to begin next month, will be the platform for testing a Hall thruster.

Hall thrusters combine electricity and a noble gas like xenon to produce a miniscule amount of direct force — weak in comparison with thrusters that use ordinary solid fuel, but at a far lesser cost of fuel. Trading power for fuel efficiency would allow satellites and probes to make course adjustments for much longer, extending their lives and versatility. Spaceflight Now has more details on how the system works. 

Of course, this sheds no light on what the last three X-37B missions were — but in light of this new information it seems more likely that it's a test bed for high-tech space experiments, and not an orbital bomber or elite spy satellite. But you never know.
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NASA's Dawn spacecraft visited Vesta for a year before continuing on to Ceres (Image: NASA...

NASA's Dawn spacecraft visited Vesta for a year before continuing on to Ceres (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Excerpt from

NASA has released a browser-based application that allows citizen scientists to explore the surface of the asteroid Vesta. The 3D model was created from data harvested by the agency's Dawn spacecraft over the course of its year-long stay in orbit around the asteroid between July 2011 and September 2012. The application allows users a rare opportunity to make detailed observations of one of the lesser-known bodies in our solar system in an engaging, easy-to-use format.

The surprisingly in-depth option bar features a quick-start tutorial, allowing you to interact with and observe the surface of Vesta above and beyond the capabilities afforded by a standard interactive map. The app can be viewed either in 2D, with viewing options including global, north pole, or south pole, or via a 3D representation of the asteroid.

The "My Data" tab allows you to select a number of overlays such as mineral ratio, geology, and for the more scientifically minded, high-energy gamma-ray count rate, all of which come with an easy-to-understand color legend.
Artist's impression of Dawn orbiting Vesta (Image: NASA)
Artist's impression of Dawn orbiting Vesta (Image: NASA)
The "Line" tools allows you to drop a line onto the surface of the asteroid and manipulate it to your liking, after which the application will display data regarding the distance between the beginning and end of your chosen path, as well as the elevation covered covered along the way. The function allows for a sense of perspective as you soak in the awesome detail of the cratered alien landscape.

"There's nothing like seeing something with your own eyes, but these types of detailed data-visualizations are the next best thing," states Kristen Erickson, Director, Science Engagement and Partnerships at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "We're thrilled to release Vesta Trek to the citizen science community and the public, not only as a scientific tool, but as a portal to an immersive experience that, just by the nature of it, will allow a deeper understanding of Vesta and asteroids in general."

Finally, for those of you out there lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer, the application allows you to download and print your own model of Vesta, or a topographically accurate section of terrain of your choosing, because frankly who wouldn't want that on the mantelpiece?

Those hoping to explore the desolate beauty of Vesta's landscape for themselves can find a link to the application via the project website.
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Excerpt from

A team of scientists has created a detailed map of our cosmic “neighborhood” extending nearly two billion lights years in every direction. This 3-D map showing galaxies in their superclusters will aid astrophysicists in better understanding how matter, including dark matter, is distributed in the universe.

According to a Science Daily report, the map indicates the relative concentration of galaxies in different areas, including the largest nearby supercluster called the Shapely Concentration, as well as less explored areas. The scientists found no sign of any pattern in the distribution of matter.

“The galaxy distribution isn’t uniform and has no pattern. It has peaks and valleys much like a mountain range. This is what we expect if the large-scale structure originates from quantum fluctuations in the early universe,” Mike Hudson of the University of Waterloo said in a statement.


The researchers hope that a more complete view of the placement and movement of matter will aid in forming predictions about the expansion of the universe. In particular, the team hopes to gain insight into the phenomenon of peculiar velocity – the differences in galactic movement caused by the unevenness in the expansion of the universe. It is thought that the non-uniform movement of galaxies is influenced by dark matter – a form of matter only indirectly detectable through its gravitational influence on light and visible matter.

A cross-section of the cosmic map detailing accumulations of massive clusters. The dark red region is the famous Shapley Concentration, the largest collection of galaxies in the nearby universe.
Hudson et al./University of Waterloo

“A better understanding of dark matter is central to understanding the formation of galaxies and the structures they live in, such as galaxy clusters, superclusters and voids,” said Hudson.

The team plans to continue expanding and detailing the map in collaboration with additional researchers. The team’s work was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
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A telescope at Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton. (CBS)
A telescope at Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton. (CBS)

Excerpt from

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – Astronomers at the Lick Observatory atop Mount Hamilton have confirmed the existence of three planets described as “supersized Earths” orbiting a star 54 light years away.
Researchers from the University of California, University of Hawaii, the University of California Observatories and Tennessee State University have been working for years to confirm the planets were there.

The planets orbit a star called HD 7924. They orbit at a distance closer than Mercury orbits our sun (35.9 million miles), and complete their orbits in five, 15 and 24 days, respectively.
“The three planets are unlike anything in our solar system, with masses seven to eight times the mass of Earth and orbits very close to their host star,” UC Berkeley graduate studentLauren Weiss said in a written statement.

The researchers used a robotic telescope called the “Automated Planet Finder,” which searches for planets around nearby stars that could be suitable for life. Most distant planets discovered by astronomers so far are gas giants like Jupiter.

Astronomers first found evidence of planets surrounding HD 7924 six years ago. The planets are not visible to the naked eye. 
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Blood Falls, Antartica

Excerpt from
by Becky Oskin

Antarctica's Dry Valleys are the most arid places on Earth, but underneath their icy soils lies a vast and ancient network of salty, liquid water filled with life, a new study finds.

The Dry Valleys are almost entirely ice-free, except for a few isolated glaciers. The only surface water is a handful of small lakes. Inside the canyons, the climate is extremely dry, cold andwindy; researchers have stumbled upon mummified seals in these gorges that are thousands of years old.
Yet there is life in this extreme landscape. For instance, bacteria living under Taylor Glacier stain its snout a deep blood red. The rust-colored brine, called Blood Falls, pours into Lake Bonney in the southernmost of the three largest Dry Valleys. The dramatic colors offer shocking relief to senses overwhelmed by the glaring white ice and dull brown rocks.
Now, for the first time, scientists have traced the water underneath Taylor Glacier to learnmore about the mysterious Blood Falls. In the process, the researchers discovered that briny water underlies much of Taylor Valley. The subsurface network connects the valley's scattered lakes, revealing that they're not as isolated as scientists once thought. The findings were published today (April 28) in the journal Nature Communications.
"We've learned so much about the dry valleys in Antarctica just by looking at this curiosity," said lead study author Jill Mikucki, a microbiologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. "Blood Falls is not just an anomaly, it's a portal to this subglacial world."
Mikucki led an international research team that tested a newly developed airborne electromagnetic sensor in Taylor Valley. The flying contraption is a large, six-sided transmitter suspended beneath a helicopter. The instrument creates a magnetic field that picks up conductivity differences in the ground to a depth of about 1,000 feet (300 meters).
"Salty water shone like a beacon," Mikucki said.

A helicopter flies a transmitter across Lake Frxyell, Antarctica.
Credit: L. Jansan

The researchers found liquid water underneath the icy soil in Taylor Valley, stretching from the coast to at least 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) inland. The water is twice as salty as seawater, the scientists reported. There is also briny water underneath Taylor Glacier as far back as the instrument could detect, about 3 miles (5 km) up the glacier, the researchers said. Eventually, the ice was too thick for the magnetic field to penetrate.

"This study shows Blood Falls isn't just a weird little seep," Mikucki told Live Science. "It may be representative of a much larger hydrologic network."

Water underneath Taylor Valley could have turned extremely salty in two ways: The brines could be due to freezing and evaporation of larger lakes that once filled the valley. Or, ocean water may have once flooded the canyons, leaving remnants behind as it retreated. The new findings will help researchers pin down the valley's aquatic history.

"I find it a very interesting and exciting study because the hydrology of the Dry Valleys has a complicated history and there's been very little data abut what's happening in the subsurface," said Dawn Sumner, a geobiologist at the University of California, Davis, who was not involved in the study.

Scientists are also intrigued by the new results because the Dry Valleys are considered one of the closest analogs to Mars that are located on Earth. Similar briny groundwater could have formed on Mars when the planet transitioned from having liquid water to a dry environment, Sumner said.

Finally, the findings may change views of Antarctica's coastal margins, Mikucki said. Now that scientists know Taylor Valley's groundwater seeps into the ocean, further research may reveal that coastal regions are important nutrient sources for Antarctica's iron-depleted seas, she said.

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