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Ascension Earth 2012 -- 11.05:2015

Ascension Earth 2012

  • A Universal Problem
  • What was there before the Big Bang?
  • Lack of evidence for evolution & how the fossil record supports creation ~ With Dr Don Patton.
  • What really caused Noah's Flood?
  • How big is the universe ... compared with a grain of sand?
  • 22 Terrifying and Magical Capabilities Someone Has When You Fall For Them
  • Carl Sagan's Solar Sail Goes On Test Flight On May 20: Why You Should Care
  • Your brain will never turn into software on a supercomputer
  • Top 5 Mysterious Sounds Recorded in Space
  • Could Humans Fight Wars In Space?
  • Cliff from Finding Bigfoot & Near Death Experiences on Coast To Coast AM
  • 6 Tricks To Chill Out
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Excerpt from

Love is terrifying, and terror is love.
How exceptional is falling in love? How breathtakingly incredible? How painful and enchanted it is to have your heart opened. It presents so many chances for overwhelming pain, and also for captivating joy. It's a double-edged sword that can release your innermost desires and also your deepest fears.
Oh, love. How petrifying and wondrous is the single most infinite component of human life. Here are 22 powers your beloved has when you first fall for them:
  1. They see who you really are. Your insecurities and flaws lie exposed like an open wound.
  2. They want you, regardless. You know that what you see as ugliness is lovable to them. You know you're perfectly imperfect to them, and few things in life match that comfort.
  3. They can leave you and you know you'll feel a little lost if they do.
  4. They can stay. They can be there when no one else is.
  5. They can hold you back in life when you focus too much on them.
  6. They can support and push you. They can directly aid in the pursuit of your dreams.
  7. They have expectations for you that you could not be able to meet, and you worry you could become a disappointment.
  8. You could fulfill every hope of theirs and then some. You could be gratifying and refreshing in all that you are.
  9. They could be unfaithful to you and embarrass you.
  10. They're choosing you and only you. Being with you means they want you. You're wanted solely and exclusively, which is worth the risk.
  11. They can hurt you.
  12. They can heal you.
  13. They can expose and exploit you.
  14. They can listen to and keep every one of your secrets. They can be your safe home and endless confidant.
  15. They can take you from the people in your life.
  16. They can encourage you to spend time with the people you love, and also introduce you to new and exciting people.
  17. They can painfully reject your opinions and beliefs.
  18. They can open your mind to new perspectives.
  19. They can easily break you down.
  20. They can easily build you up.
  21. Everything could change.
  22. Or, they can change everything.
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Carl Sagan's Solar Sail Is Ready For Its First Test Flight

Excerpt  from

Many of the technologies that are in use today such as the airplane and the internet were once ideas that became reality and it appears that this still goes true with the innovations of the future. Take for instance Carl Sagan's concept of a spacecraft powered by solar winds.

The late astronomer once thought about the idea of a spacecraft that could use solar sails that are solely powered by the rays of the sun to glide through space but he might have not likely imagined that it would only take a few years before this imagination becomes a reality.

The Planetary Society, a non-profit space advocacy group co-founded by Sagan himself and is currently run by Bill Nye, has designed and planned a test flight for LightSail, a spacecraft that is based on Sagan's vision. It is about the size of a loaf of bread that carries solar sails that can glide through space powered only by solar winds in the same way that wind powers a sailboat.
"Once in space, LightSail's solar arrays swing open, revealing the inside of the spacecraft," Planetary Society explains on its website. "Four tape measure-like metal booms slowly unwind from storage, unfolding four triangular, Mylar sails."

The test fight is set for May 20 and while it will not involve sending the spacecraft high enough above our planet's atmosphere for solar sailing, the spacecraft's sail deployment sequence will be tested in the hopes of making LightSail ready for a larger test flight later. By next April, the LightSail team plans to conduct a flight that would test the spacecraft's sunlight harvesting capabilities.

What makes LightSail particularly interesting is that unlike chemical rockets, the small probe uses renewable fuel.  The solar sail spacecraft is not also fast but it can constantly accelerate as long as it is correctly steered.
The spacecraft captures light momentum using its large and lightweight mirrored surfaces and as light reflects off these sails, majority of its momentum is transferred pushing on the sails. 
Although the resulting acceleration is small, it is continuous and can eventually reach higher speeds.

"Sunlight, or light, even though it has no mass, has momentum," said Nyle."So, it can push these [sails] through space."

The technology used by LightSail could possibly play a role in long distance missions that would traditionally need large amounts of chemical fuel.
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Excerpt from

Getting ready to upload your consciousness into a brain-emulating computer in a decade or two? You'll be waiting a lot longer than that. Princeton computer science researcher Timothy B. Lee doesn't think we'll ever upload our brains. Here's why.

Lee says we won't ever be uploading our minds into computers that "simulate" a brain environment for one simple reason: You can't reduce a biological system usefully with mathematical models. Here's what he says, in part:

Scientists have been trying to simulate the weather for decades, but the vast improvements in computing power in recent decades have produced only modest improvements in our ability to predict the weather. This is because the natural world is much, much more complex than even our most powerful computers. The same is true of our brains. The brain has approximately 100 billion neurons. If each neuron were some kind of simple mathematical construct (in the sense that transistors can be modeled as logic gates) we could imagine computers powerful enough to simulate the brain within a decade or two. But each neuron is itself a complex biological system. I see no reason to think we'll ever be able to reduce it to a mathematically tractable model. I have no doubt we'll learn a lot from running computer simulations of neurons in the coming decades. But I see no reason to think these simulations will ever be accurate (or computationally efficient) enough to serve as the building blocks for full-brain emulation.
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Furthermore, there is always the barrier of peoples' understandable skepticism.

As I said in the beginning, I cannot verify this story for anyone, nor is my intent to convince anyone of its veracity. My goal is only to help him get his story heard, because if this story IS true, the people of this planet are being lied to on a grand scale, and perhaps this will eventually help the UFO Disclosure Movement. It's time for the lies to be uncovered, and time for the truth -- whatever that may be -- to be known once and for all.

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